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Raining Down From Heaven

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I have been a witch for 20 years, more if you count growing up on a farm in rural Iowa, running wild in the woods, conjuring up storms, and turning pig's teeth into magickal talismans. After moving to Minnesota, I was a staff writer and artist for several years for the now-retired Twin Cities magazine, Pagan Ink and explored everything from the most eclectic of eclectic to the most traditional of traditional paths.

I've had articles in "NewWitch" "The Beltane Papers" and "The Crooked Path Journal," and I'm always working on something new for various magazines and books.

My first non-fiction book came out March of 2008 through Pendraig Publications. "Sorgitzak-Old Forest Craft" has been doing quite well, including climbing all the way up to #1 Pagan Book on Amazon on Memorial Day of 2008 and dancing back on Amazon's list of best-selling pagan books off and on since it came out. I must admit I still get a kick when it drops into the best of 13 pagan books.

"Sorgitzak-Old Forest Craft" is based off of over 14 years of working with a pantheon of Gods and Goddesses, who taught us rituals, spells, divination, gave us stories and who have been working to teach us Their language. It includes the idea of traveling of the Otherworld and of gaining the Second Sight.

My second book was released in February 2009 and can also be found on Amazon or directly from Pendraig. "Masks of the Muse: Building a Relationship with the Goddess of the West" includes rituals and aspects of creativity and inspiration through the story and attributes of four Goddesses--Aphrodite, Cerridwen, Ariadne, and the Lady of the Lake. I've also been doing workshops based off connecting to the Muse and inspiration, one that sometimes includes a ritual out of the book. In the path of the Sorgitzak, the Muse is associated with the West (water, feeling, daring, inspiration) and the Goddess of the West.

The third book "To Fly By Night-The Craft of the Hedgewitch" has just been released Sept 2010. This time around, I edited the work and also ended up writing three essays for it. I also provided some poetry and artwork. Yeah!

An article of mine has appeared in the anthology "Talking About the Elephant" put out by Immanion Press (also on Amazon) and another piece has been accepted for a shamanism/totemism anthology expected to be released this fall. A poem and an essay has also appeared in "Datura" published by Scarlet Imprint. Very nice book.

Currently, I'm working on a follow-up book to "Sorgitzak." I hope to get that released sometime in 2011.


I sometimes teach workshops at Eye of Horus (a cool pagan store in Minneapolis) on the Muse and creativity, the Otherworld/Faery, and connecting to your spirit familiar/guardians. Recently, I did three classes-workshops at Sacred Harvest Festival, as well as had a great time drumming and dancing and staying up way too late.

Along with traditional European and British witchcraft, my interests extend to Haitian voudoun and the religion and culture of the Lakota. Besides non-fiction, I also write fantasy and erotic fiction, poetry, do pen-and-ink drawing, make the odd piece or two of beaded jewelry, and dabble in pottery.

I have been a priestess of the Old Forest Craft for over a dozen years and have a close association with the Fey, particularly the spirits of Air and Dawn, the whole bright and tricksy tribe of them. They once "borrowed" my spare keys for a month or more and, in exchange, they gave me a lovely woven basket. The moment I saw it, I just knew it was because of the missing keys...but still I left it there for 3 days in the stairway at my apartment building, and no one touched it. At that point, I finally took it and have been using it to store ritual supplies ever since. The keys later did re-appear...in the freezer.

My hobbies include antiques, cooking, collecting old rhinestone jewelry, and finding that perfect tea or coffeehouse where strange things can still happen and most often do. I can be reached at webofstars@hotmail.com or through the yahoogroups: oldforestcraft. On Live Journal, I moderate the communities: spiritrealms, sorgitzak, and starofthenorth (my poetry journal) so come on down and join!!!


Veronica Cummer


Recent picture of me at State Fair: