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Raining Down From Heaven
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Tuesday, February 26th, 2013
4:37 pm
Catching Up Time
So, I've been mostly hanging out on Facebook. Most of my friends are there and I only have so much time in the day to check emails and post stuff. That being said...I thought that, today, I'd check out my old friend LJ. Lots of stuff happening since my last post. Another book has come out, a follow-up to the first book, and it looks like an essay will FINALLY be appearing in an anthology. Yay! (methinks I wrote it like over 2 years ago) But that's cool so the timing will mean TWO things of mine will be out in 2013.

What this means is that I need to figure out what projects are calling me, since I had this vision years ago that told me that, in order to actually finish things, I should trim back on projects and only work on 3 at a time. I can't move on to something else until one of those is completed. Since the next book is now out, I can focus on the panels for the con in March, plus doing a public Midsummer, and...the next writing idea. Question is--fiction or non-fiction?


1. non-fic Faery book (started, 25 pgs)
2. fic fantasy erotica collection (started 1 story done, 1 half-done, 1 started)
3. re-write fantasy novel so its actually worth sending out
4. write fantasy novel from one of the many beginnings I have sitting around


Current Mood: artistic
Monday, December 12th, 2011
5:41 pm
Visited New Orleans...great place. Came back with 2 bottles of Louisiana hot sauce and one is half gone already. Mmmmm

Have found 2 new recipes I'm wanting to try out: Tortuga Rum Cake and Red Wine Chocolate Cake.

I think the red wine chocolate cake is what Red Velvet Cake SHOULD taste like IMHO. Maybe, I should use the Cupcake Red Velvet wine in it...
Sunday, May 8th, 2011
4:50 pm
Even though Mercury has gone out of retrograde...the miscommunication is still going on. Hope it turns around soonest. Its most at work, though. Small favor.

On the plus side, I've hit almost 140 pages in my next book. :)

So, today, run an errand and then back to typing. Its a rainy day, so that makes it a bit easier.

Oh, and they have opened the pool...yeah!


Current Mood: calm
Wednesday, March 16th, 2011
5:41 pm
My prayers go out to Japan. I lit a candle this week and wished it would help the lost find their way again and those who are searching to find their loved ones.

So much...its hard to watch. Yet, I also admire how well they are working together. That's one good thing.

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011
5:43 pm
Paganicon 2011 is coming up FAST. I'm on two panels for Saturday and a workshop for Sunday.

"So You Want to Be a Pagan Author"
"Hedgewitch Craft"

The workshop is making your own sacred journals.


Should be FUN!!!! Plus, there will be music and a lunch/tea, more panels, and a vendor's room.

Current Mood: crazy
Tuesday, February 15th, 2011
5:11 pm
Reading Reading Reading
Been reading more than usual lately...fiction and nonfiction. Have also been writing, and now I've set myself a deadline for a first draft of the next book in 5 months. I have nearly 100 pgs already, so that's actually quite reasonable, I feel.

Have signed up to do two panels at Paganicon 2011 here in the Twin Cities:

So You Want to Be a Pagan Author
The Craft of the Hedgewitch

Plus a workshop:

Sacred Journal Making


Current Mood: content
Saturday, January 22nd, 2011
1:36 pm
I was reading this book from the library about a woman who is going through some trying times in her life and starts a blog and, of course, says too much and gets in trouble. Of course, there's also Julie and Julia, where the woman blogged about cooking her way through Julia Child.

I think, on occasion, about blogging on a regular basis...but I don't have the time to and I also feel like my writing time is better spent on writing articles and books. Yet...I sometimes desire to blog more. To write up some stuff every week and post it here or on my email lists. Where do people find the time?

I also wonder at those who end up blogging for a living. Like, wow.

Current Mood: curious
Tuesday, January 4th, 2011
6:03 pm
Anti Global Warming Nutjobs
Okay, now...these people are officially bananas. They've released some 12 part video about how there is no such thing as global warming and we shouldn't do anything, because humans can't really affect the earth because its all part of God's plan. What huh?


I guess its all just some grand scheme on the part of environmentalists to undermine the good Xtian youth of the world.

Hey, if they believe that, then they should all be willing to give up their home and land in trade for property right on the beach, so that when the ice melts and the sea rises about 12 stories they will find out the truth.


Current Mood: disappointed
Thursday, December 30th, 2010
3:09 pm
Happy Almost 2011!!!!

I don't make New Years Resolutions, but I do set goals. I tend to pick 3 things to accomplish each year and I can't pick something else until one gets completed.

This year:

1. Finish next nonfic book
2. Get rid of stuff and pack to move
3. Sell another article

Not too bad. Am not 100% on the moving, but it can't hurt to get rid of stuff in the meantime.

Current Mood: hopeful
Tuesday, December 7th, 2010
6:10 pm
Got a panel all put together for Paganicon this March 2011. Am also thinking ahead to see if I want to attend any other events in the coming year.

Will probably set up a Volka (Imbolc) ritual for Eye of Horus for Feb and might be involved with a ritual for Lamasu (Lammas) in Aug.

Oh yeah, and writing...

All that jazz. Another book idea reared up and demanded notice, stemming from the work I did on the essay for the hedgewitch book, To Fly By Night, in regards to the Wild Hunt and shamanic witchcraft. Of course, there is the follow-up work to Sorgitzak and I do have nearly 100 pgs done on that, plus much more wandering around in notebooks and journals.

After the New Year=time to get back to getting serious about finishing up more stuff.

Current Mood: busy
5:55 pm
Welcome to Winter in Minnesnowta.

I'm planning on a "punch and pie" event for the holiday. Three pies planned (so far) include a lemon cheesecake pie, an oatmeal pecan, and a cranberry crumb. MMMMMM

We're also exchanging gifts at work through secret name-draw. Now to find something for the person I got for 5-8 bucks.

The punch remains in flux. Not sure how much trouble I want to go to. Though, I've always wanted to make one of those ice-rings with the fruit inside.

Current Mood: cold
Wednesday, November 24th, 2010
12:49 am
OMG, I was with some friends on Sat night and we got this horrible freezing rain and it was the longest and scariest drive home ever...I don't think I got above 10 mph pretty much the whole way back. At least, it was late enough at night that there weren't that many cars out and about. But I saw people leaving bars and falling. And then getting up and falling again. People were pretty pissed off with MDOT. I guess they didn't call in the salt trucks at first because the weather folks hadn't called for the freezing rain until after 3 am. It came early and then the salt truck drivers couldn't get to their trucks because the roads were too bad already.

Welcome to winter...brrrr...

At least, Thursday is Turkey Day and we will have turkey and green bean casserole and pumpkin pie and...mmmmm....

And I brought the wine coolers and beer. And ice cream. Three flavors. Caramel with chocolate and caramel cups in it. Vanilla chocolate chip. Key line frozen yogurt. I've tried the key lime already and if you put it in a graham cracker crust it could be frozen key lime pie.

Time to relax a bit, that's what I say.

Current Mood: cold
Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010
5:35 pm
Minnesota is looking forward to (well, me and my pagan friends anyway) to our first pagan con this March, Paganicon.

Whoo!!!! I've got one panel in the works and some more ideas.


And its at a hotel only about 5 minutes from my home. How sweet it is...


Current Mood: crazy
5:27 pm
Sadly, I just don't get to LJ as much as I used to and I miss it a lot.

I must admit that I prefer it to FB...mainly because you can put on longer posts.

Time...what is time? ;)

Current Mood: cranky
Tuesday, September 14th, 2010
4:43 pm
Hedgewitch Book Available!!!!! Whooo!!!!!
To Fly By Night-The Craft of the Hedgewitch

Hedgewitch Craft takes its name from the practice of travelling beyond the boundaries, of going past the "hedgerows" that divide what is known from what is unknown. Hedgewitches utilize diverse techniques to undertake the night-flight into strange and sometimes dangerous places in order to gain spirit-allies, magickal abilities and knowledge, to heal and to commune with the Gods and the ancestors.

From the ancient to the modern, from the philosophical and historical to the practical and mystical, these essays span a wide variety of paths and approaches. To Fly By Night features works by: Robin Artisson, Christopher Crittenden, Veronica Cummer, Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold, Eric de Vries, Rev. Jack Green, Raven Grimassi, Beth Hansen-Buth, Juniper, Sylva Markson, Jenne Micale, Papa Toad Bone, John Pwyll, Elige Stewart, and Kari Tauring


or on Amazon:


Current Mood: ecstatic
Sunday, August 1st, 2010
2:15 pm
Avoidance Techniques
Lazy lazy Sunday. So I SHOULD get coffee and sit down and get some writing done. Okay...revving up...sitting down...GO!!!


But I know I should, I really really should.

What do the rest of you all do when avoiding what you know you should be doing? I think writers and artists of all kinds are truly inventive in avoiding their art. Which is really weird when you think about it.

Um...still here...okay then.

Current Mood: busy
2:02 pm
Link to Interview
Link to the interview I recently did...OMG, 2 hours long!!!! But it was great fun and I would do it again, even though I was nervous beforehand. I thought that, for sure, we'd run out of things to talk about, but there was so much more that we barely covered. Whoo!


Waiting on "To Fly By Night" to be released. This coming weekend, I'm heading off to Sacred Harvest Festival...was hoping to have copies of the hedgewitch anthology to bring along, but looks like I'll have to settle for bringing flyers instead. That's okay. :)

If the anthology does well, I might consider another one. I've got two ideas stewing right now.

Have a great Sunday!!!!!

Current Mood: creative
Sunday, July 25th, 2010
2:04 pm
Missing It
(sigh) Since I can't read LJ anymore from work, I've been missing it dearly. When I do get to the net, I end up catching up on Facebook and emails and don't spend much time here....honestly, I prefer LJ to FB.

On the plus side, its a beautiful day and I have an interview this afternoon re Sorgitzak. Coolness. (nervous me? nah) (nervous giggle)

Have a great Sunday!

Current Mood: grumpy
Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010
5:53 pm
Link to an AU online newsletter talking about Sorgitzak. Cool!


Current Mood: content
5:24 pm
Scheduling and Goodies Yum
Sent off my workshops to Sacred Harvest Festival for August. One of the other guests and I will be running one on making your own sacred journals...everyone likes to play with ribbons and leaves and sparkly jewels and glue guns right?

Have been gathering items needed for the ritual, as well.

Can't hardly believe CONvergence is only about 2 weeks out. Whew...need to make my notes for the panels I've (foolishly?) volunteered for. Hello, Jung and alchemy!!!!!! (not on the same panel, though that might prove interesting)

Still on the hunt for a nice Victorian style jacket. The Vintage Show and Sale this weekend should help....mmmmm....my checkbook may be angry with me later. I lurve sparkly old rhinestones. I inherited some from my mom and some from when I worked for an estate sale co, but I don't have all colors yet. Pink, green, yellow, white, yes...purple, would be nice.

Does anyone know how I can find some dried rowan berries?

Current Mood: crazy
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